At the 25.9 secondmark in the fourth quarter LeBron James hit a three to put the Cavs up 109 - 101. It gave him 29 points to go along with his 12 rebounds and 12 assists, but more importantly it sent his flock of benchmates into agoose-neckflapping tizzy. LeBron went to the benchand threw up a gooseneck of his own in response to the applause, but that wasn't the important thing.

What was most important about this whole episode is that I learned two things.

The first of which was that thisthree-fingered salute, created to mimic the way Jamario Moon looks after shooting a three,has now moved into theEnglish lexicon in the form of a verb.

At the timeout after LeBron hit that previously mentionedthree, Austin Carr said the following:

"Raise the gooseneck, everybody's goosing. The game has...

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