The Cavaliers were gracious enough to grant me a press credential forSunday's game, and as a result I had an opportunity tospeak one on one with Anthony Parker and Jawad Williamsprior to tip-off. Below, after a recap of sorts, is my conversation with Anthony Parker.Look for my chat with Jawad Williams tomorrow, and a Leon Powe update later in the week.

Recapping Cavs-Clippers:

The Cavaliers started out so hot on Sunday night that after LeBron hit a three pointer with 3.9 seconds left in the first quarter to give himself 23 points for the period and his team a 26 point lead (46-20), Daniel Gibson and Jamario Moonput their warm-ups back on and signedautographs for most of the 2ndquarter.

Or maybe that was pregame. But they could have, because even though the Clippers would eventually cut...

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