Whoa, I don't know if I've ever gone this long between posts in WHYGAVS history. 'Tis what happens when Christmas comes on Friday and I use Sunday for my last ever trip to Mellon Arena, I suppose. Let's play catch up on some links before anything else.

As expected, Justin Duchscherer didn't sign with the Pirates. Oakland and its huge, pitcher friendly ballpark is a logical choice for a pitcher trying to rebound.

Jeff Pearlman apologizes for his SI story about the Pirates, but he still misses the point that Neal Huntington isn't Dave Littlefield or Cam Bonifay. Most Pirate fans miss that point, too, so it's hard to blame him.

Charlie has five prospects to watch in 2010. On that list, I really liked the selection/signing of Jeff Inman in last year's draft. And if you're curious, I am...

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