The Mets (31-33) put Chris Capuano (4-6 4.86) on the mound versus the Pirates' (31-32) Kevin Correia (8-4 3.64). Correia has been very good this season, but not so much at home. Capuano's record doesnt show how good Capuano has pitched for the Mets this season.

After the day off last night, Just Turner will go back to 3rd base and Murphy will go back to first base.

Jason Bay is in the lineup again for the second straight day.

The Mets are looking to get .500, which means they will need to win today and tomorrow's games against the Pirates.

The series stands at 1-1.


Kevin Correia had a perfect game through 4 2/3 innings before allowing a ground ball single to slumping Jason Bay.

Both Capuano and Correia pitched very well through 6 innings. Correia fell into the 7th inning, with 2 outs.

Murphy singled to center in the top of the 7th innings with 2 outs. On a hit and run call by Mets manager Terry Collins, Pagan smacked a single to right center field moving Murphy to third base. With Jason Bay up, already with a hit, hit a fly ball to center fielder Andrew McCutchen. Murphy got home safely. Dusty Brown then threw over to first base. Pagan was called out because he didn't touch second base after running back to first base. At first everyone on the field thought Murphy tagged up too early, and that the run wouldn't count. After more information, the umpires explained that Pagan was out the Murphy's run would count. That gave the Mets, what seemed to be the only run of the game at that time, as both pitchers were pitching very well.

Lyle Overbay in the 7th inning, against Capuano smacked a center field shot, Angel Pagan going all the way to the wall, leaped a made a spectacular catch to rob Overbay of an extra base hit. Clint Hurdle, the Pirates manager thought that Pagan trapped the ball going to the wall. Umpires are not allowed to review those types of calls. Hurdle continued to yell at the umps, and he was then thrown out of the game. Capuano finished the inning, and later found out that he was done with a 3 hitter through 7 innings.

Willie Harris pinch hitting with 2 outs in the 8th inning, Correia still dealing, he smacked a base hit to right field starting a long 2 out rally. Reyes singled to center moving Harris to second base. With the best batter in runners in scoring position on the Mets, Justin Turner went the other way, hitting a double off the shallow left field. Reyes had to stop at third base, but Harris scored the second run of the game. That was it for Correia, as Chris Resop came in to relieve. He didn't do any better as Beltran ripped a single to the right fielder Matt Diaz, Reyes and Turner came in to make the score 4-0. Both those runs were Correia's runs. With the fifth straight hit, Murphy hit a base hit to right field to move pinch runner Pridie to second base. Red hot Angel Pagan came up and he then smacked a single to left field bringing home Jason Pridie. Mets were leading 5-0 at the end of the 8th inning.

Daniel McCuchen came in to pitch the 9th inning and with the forgotten man, Scott Hairston pinch hitting for 8th inning pitcher Jason Isringhausen with 2 outs. Hairston killed a home-run to left field. That was his first at bat in weeks. Jose Reyes then went back to back with Hairston, hitting his 3rd of the year, his 2nd off of Daniel McCuchen, his favorite pitcher, we can assume. He bumped his average to .346 on the year.

Bobby Parnell came in to close the 7-0 lead the Mets had gotten. Parnell ran in some trouble, but was able to keep the shutout and the Mets went on to win 7-0.

Chris Capuano brought down his earned run average to 4.40 getting the win as well (5-6). He let up 3 hits, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts and 0 earned runs. Correia couldn't reach the 9th win, as he took the loss (8-5). Upping his earned run avergae to 3.73 allowing four earned runs 7 hits, 4 strikeouts and no walks.

In the last 9 games, Mets pitcher are 6-1 with a 1.52 earned run average. Mets pitcher have been fantastic. If they can give the bullpen rest, they are going to have a good bullpen. Isringhausin and Parnell both came in to give two scoreless innings of work.

Jose Reyes is now batting .346 which is just fantastic and really fun to watch Reyes play. His defense is so good, with a gun for an arm, with great jumps on all balls hit to him. Offensively, he is seeing the ball very well, and its paying off.

Mets are now only 1 game away from .500, and they really want to get there. If they can win tomorrow's game, they will have won six road series this season, they only had five all of last season.

The Mets hitting is on fire, and they look for their bats to stay on fire tomorrow.

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