Now that the Yankees have been eliminated from the playoffs it is time to start looking ahead to the off-season.  However, my season recap is a post for another day.  This post pertains to breaking news this morning out of the Bronx.  

Buster Olney reports that Second basemen Robinson Cano is seeking a ten year deal around $305 million dollars.  That kind of money in a contract is absurd folks.  

I, like many of my followers, are die hard Yankees fans but lets be honest, 10 years at $305 million is out of the question.

I know what you must be saying, "I'm nuts! You pay Cano whatever he wants." However, that is not how it works.  Just because a player asks for that doesn't means he should receive it.  

Is he a great player? Yes. Does he deserve 10 years for $305 million? No.

Let me explain my positioning before my comment section goes haywire and I get panned like crazy.

Cano, in my eyes is a great player. However, if you look at the track record of recent 10 year deals, not one has worked out.  Yes he hits home runs to Guam (OK not really but you get the point) but let's be honest. Handing down mega contracts these days just isn't feasible. Just look at Albert Pujols and the Angels.  Since signing the contract he has not lived up to his potential as he did in St. Louis.  

Whether or not anyone in the organization says anything about his ability to hustle and adapt it is apparent to the fans that while he is a great player, he needs to step up his game.

Is he worth 10 years at $305 million dollars? No. Do I think he will get closer to $200 million? Maybe. Do I think he will get the same 8 year deal David Wright received from the Mets last year? Yes.

If he doesn't re-sign with the Yankees, someone will give Robinson a crazy deal, but at 10 years and $305 million I say pass