Sorry I'm so late on an article about last night's game.  But let's get to it, shall we?

Not only did the Carolina Hurricanes blow a two goal lead(again) and lose in overtime(again), they were also robbed out of the opportunity to win the game on overtime by a penalty that should never have been called.  Yes, I'm outraged.  Not only was Brandon Sutter pushed from behind, he was also going full speed and obviously tired to avoid contact with the goaltender, Matthew Biron, but that didn't happen.  Sutter was called for roughing on the play which was complete BS.  So that moment attributed to the Canes losing the game in overtime by a one-timer by the league's leading goal scorer, Steven Stamkos.  

Not only do the Hurricanes have the worst overtime loss record in the league, they most likely wont make it anywhere close to the playoffs.  One thing they really need to work on is giving up soft goals and making opportunities for the opposing team on bad giveaways.  On another note, the defense really needs to step it up, it's been a problem since the beginning of the season, they're making Ward do everything.

What they let happen last night was letting Stamkos shoot, which is something you CANNOT let him do.  He has a bullet and you cant let that get on net.  It cost them the lead and the win letting that happen.

Overall, the team is playing decently, but they're not getting the wins in overtime that they need.  They either take it to overtime or they let the game get to overtime and they never finish what they need to in overtime.  If they could get wins in overtime they would be set, but they're not and that needs to be their major focus right now.