As you may have seen in my previous article, the Capitals fans were the ones beating their heads against the wall.  Well, karma is a (insert censord word here).  

Hockey is a game of mistakes, right?  Well one mistake led to another which, led to the Florida Panthers tying the game up and sending the game to overtime followed by a shootout.  Now the game wasn't televised, so for those who weren't there or listening to it on the radio, I'll fill you in with the Cliff Notes.

Carolina was mercfully outshot in the first period but they were able to capitalize on a power play on a beutiful one-timer from the point by Justin Faulk.  Florida had the obvious shot advantage totaling 19 shots on goal in only the first period.  Florida was able to keep pressure in the offensive zone, but Peters stoned the shots cold without letting a single goal in during the first period.

The second period was a little better played by the Hurricanes with the shots about equal on each side.  However, it was the Hurricanes that went into the third period with a 2-0 lead on the rats.  Jeff Skinner had a beautiful set-up pass to Jussi Jokinen giving him a one-time opportunity with about three minutes left to go in the second period.  This game is surely wrapped up, right?

Wrong, the third period was all Panthers.  Now I'm not exact on if it was the first or second goal that Florida scored, but what ever happened when Staal broke his stick and went to the bench and no one handed him a stick, I mean what the heck?  It's professional hockey for pete's sake, you should know what to do when a player breaks their stick.  I'm not saying it was all Staal or the equipment manager's fault, but communication was definitely lacking.  With this incident it led the Panthers to score a goal.  Wojtek Wolski recorded his first goal as a Panther scoring in his first game as a Panther after being traded by the Rangers, which led the game to overtime.

There wasn't much to say about the ovetime period except Staal kind of took a stupid roughing penalty, but luckily so did Erik Gudbranson so it led to 3-on-3 for two minutes.  And then the shootout happened.  

Jeff Skinner was the only one on the Canes to tally a goal in the shootout while Mikael Samulesson and Stephen Weiss were able to get one for Florida.

Moral of the story here:  COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAMMATES!! 

Hearing rumors about the trade deadline, it looks as that Tuomo Ruutu will be staying and Jaroslav Spacek will be packing his bags.  Hopefully Pitkanen will be too.

Unfortunatly, the Hurricanes lost another game in a shootout which shouldn't have been lost when they had the game in the palm of their hands.  I don't believe that the Canes have one a single overtime in the new year, let alone the season.  If they let teams rally back on them like Florida did, take the playoff hopes out of your sights.