Bo Pelini racked up his third bowl victory in less than three seasons as a head coach. Bo knows bowl games. Nebraska could have fallen into self pity. They could have overworked the players leading up to the game. Instead, they came out in top form. When Pelini kept saying all year that the Huskers hadn't played their best football, a performance like this Holiday Bowl might be what he had in mind.

Before most fans had seen a snap, the Huskers were up by 7 points. Set up by Matt O'Hanlon's interception, NU drew first blood (and second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh...). Rex Burkhead and a revitalized Zac Lee were stars offensively. Niles Paul made some big plays as well. The defense was everything it's been all year.

Shawn Watson presumably will get a bit more respect from...

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