POST-GAME ANALYSIS --- In then end it was four against one. The Bears received Randle (24 points) , Christopher (20), Robertson (16) and Boykin (10) 70 points from its quartet of senior starters while the Bruins senior starter Roll countered with a game-high 27.

Cal's balance makes it a difficult matchup and the Bears shot 60 percent (30 of 50) from the floor. It's the second game they've shot well, which is notable considering a lot of their shots are outside the pain.

The game was important for the Huskies because they're more than likely in the NCAA tournament if they win tonight.

STATS --- Click here.

IT'S OVER --- Cal 85-72.

ROLL LEAVES --- Roll leaves to a standing ovation. Cal 85-72 at 35.3.

SILLY FOUL --- Gutierrez fouled Roll on a three-pointer and the UCLA sharp-shooter hit...

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