IT'S OVER --- 84-69.

SHERRER ON THE SIDELINE --- Sherrer checks in. Now the only suspense is will he get first points of the season and will we see the Dancing Dawgs. UW 84-64.

CAL CONCEDING --- Randle checked out with five points on 2-for-9 shooting. UW 82-58.

PONDEXTER IS FINISHED --- Pondexter checked out. He has 25 points and five rebounds. UW 81-58.

SLOWING DOWN --- Gant just rejected Christopher on the baseline.

Got to slow down on the thread to write the game story. UW is going to win, it's just a matter of how much. The only intrigue is when we'll see the Dancing Dawgs video and walk-on Brendan Sherrer.

BLOW CITY, AGAIN --- Much like the Stanford game, this one is turning into a laugher. The Huskies are retrieving rebounds and throwing the ball ahead for easy layups. They're...

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