Capturing beauty is the expert behind the lens monitoring the moves and postures of the subject, emulating the captured beauty on the canvass is the artist who is giving a lively feel to the otherwise static photograph. Reproducing exact art on the canvas requires a true beholder of details which are very minute and small. Delving into the various folds of a picture is like flowing in the water where you can eye the changing colorations at various depths. Fishing for the absolute exact colors is akin to hitting at the right emotion as a picture says a lot if a presumption of its being mute is kept into mind. Schow Karlsen Art has in its basket such puppeteers who can take the strings of the subject matter and give them the desired move and mood.

Herald Giersing, Gustav Klimt, Christian Kobke Eckersberg, Anna Ancher, Michael Ancher, PS Kroyer, Caspar David Friedrich, Johan Thomas Lundbye and many more are the artists whose works you can order for online and buy paintings online (køb malerier online) where they had tried to reproduce some very great humanly aspects through colors and pro bono have immersed themselves to the deepest level of plunge to concoct a perfect ensemble of art and expertise.

Beautiful hand- painted painting portraits with the replication of the uploaded photo, no matter whichever is the source portrait painting after photo (portrætmaleri efter foto) presents the perfect brush strokes exactly as the color tones move in the provided photo. The photos provided are then painted on the canvass by the artist in 2-3 weeks prior to placing your order with ultimate perfection and feel. Assortments of the detailed sorting are provided in terms of specific artists, colors, design and style. The selection base is very broad when it comes to placing your demands.

Post providing a photo, it is very carefully outlined by the chosen artist on the canvas. This category which is paintings by photo (maleri efter foto) the artist paints the portrait in a photo naturalistic style taking care of all features in a simple pattern with a perfect amalmagamation of the artist’s personal brush strokes within a stipulated time of three to six weeks. The after steps include submitting a query and commissioning an offer, a payment link would be directed which if accepted by you, the painting would be delivered at your mentioned address sans any shipping cost.