From a professional point of view, when in the selection of sports cheap oakley sunglasses , one should focus on the lens function. Because different lenses or filters to light, it would fit within the environment is different. Dark lenses better than light lenses, effectively cut off from UV and increase UV index. For example, purple lenses can reduce the level of visible light eyes, does not affect the clarity of the Visual.
Cycling eyewear lenses can be purple, and is suitable for longer wear. Grey lenses provide the best color perception, experts recommend type. Yellow lenses can enhance contrast in the fog days, it is recommended not to wear while driving.
Yellow-green gradient lenses and purple gilded mercury can effectively filter blue light, enhancing the contrast of the sky and the ground, so Golf glasses with yellow-green and purple lenses, making ball more defined in the view. Every day the Sun is constantly emitting ultraviolet, visible light, infrared three waves, without proper eyewear protection, each of which would cause serious injury to the eye and affect.
Choose a suitable movement to sunglasses, color is very important. In addition, best buy anti-UVA and UVB radiation-proof glasses. Cheap oakleys sport glasses shape of choice, each and every one has his taste, different faces on the frames of different shapes have different requirements.
Remember the principle of complementarity--selected ellipse formula of a round face shape, square face. Specifically: a square face:-wide pilot glasses can be modified prominent jaw lines; a round face: the frame slightly rough, rather cold lenses color, darker colored glasses, there are narrowing face Visual effects. Long face: should choose oval-shaped or curved mirrors, elongated proportions, gives people a sense of unity on the Visual. Cat's eye glasses is the best choice for oval: suitable for various shapes of sunglasses, choose to give you joy. Small faces suit glasses of fine box or no box, choose light lenses will have unexpected results.
Picture frame discount oakley sunglasses choices should be soft and flexible, impact-resistant, security to exercise the face not to be damaged. Veneer design can make the eyes close to the frame edge of the frame to prevent fast moving winds eye stimulation.