Well the Chicago Bulls are moving on in the playoffs to the Eastern Conference Finals for the 1st time since the Jordan era.  Heres the breakdown of the series.

Game 1:"Thibs" recieved the coach of the year award. That apparently was not enough for the Bulls to win game 1.  The real star was Joe Johnson.  Makling all of his 3's that he took.  It could have just been nerves or the Hawks were just a better team that game.  Game 1 was not an upset just the Hawkks were better on offense because the Bulls couldn't keep up with the Hawks defensively.  Jeff Teague really showed up this series because Hinrich is injured.  This is the game it started for him.  Game 1 even though at the UC the Hawks were flying high over the Bulls.

Game 2: The Chicago Bulls came on strong after a slow start for a 97-76 win. Rose had 34 points. Before the game we again celebrated at the Madhouse on Madison.  D-Rose won the MVP (as expected really no surprise).  Also the youngest player to do so.  That put the Bulls in the driver seat.  From the tip of Game 2 to the buzzer the Bulls were charging. Derrick league MVP helped us to win Game 2.

Game 3:The Bulls jumped out to a 14-0 lead and never looked back, riding to an easy 114-82 blowout win that allowed coach of the year Tom Thibodeau to rest his starters for the whole 4th quarter. There is not much to say except the Bulls had complete domination of Game 3 in Atlanta at the Phillips Arena.

Game 4: The Bulls were in Atlanta for Game 4.  Josh Smith had 23 points and Joe Johnson had 24 to carry the Hawks past the Bulls for a 100-88 win.  Derrick Rose was 12/32 from the field with 34 points and 10 assists.  While Boozer had 18 points.  The Hawks went on a run late in the 4th with 2:30 seconds left which was the perfect time. In the end the Bulls could not hold off the Hawks in Game 4 when they took off with it in the 4th quarter.  They were going back to Chi-Town but they did not know that this was their last win for the 2010-2011 NBA season.

Game 5: The underdog Hawks lost a crucial Game 5 against the top-seeded Chicago Bulls with a score of 95-83.The Bulls lead the Eastern Conference semifinals series, 3-2.  Derrick Rose  led the Bulls with 33 points.Rose showed why he is the league's youngest MVP, hitting 11 of 24 shots and finishing with nine assists. It was an improvment over Game 4 when he needed 32 shots to score 34 points. The Bulls would go to Atlanta for a 6th game.

Game 6: The Bulls headed back to the ATL for a game .  Jokim Noah ha 11 points on the night. By the halk Boozer had 13 points and a double -double of 23 points 10 boards in Game 6.  It got ugly early on whe Teague was table topped in mid-air and went down HARD on his wrist.  With 8:40 left in the 3rd(52-37) is when the Bulls were looking to the Eatern Conference Finals to play the Heat.  Up by 15.  The were never losing after the half.  Rose had 19 points 12 assists for himself.  The Bulls won with a 93-73 win and are movin on to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the Heat.  The thing that I loved the most about Game 6 ws the Bulls nicely shook hands instead of celbrating like some team that plays in Miami.

I'm looking forward to the next series and