With the Octavio Dotel deal nearing completion, DK asks in his links this morning:

From there, throw in Javier Lopez and D.J. Carrasco, both 32, and the bullpen surely will end up with an average age over 30.

Does that mean the team is abandoning rebuilding at the major league level?

Or is it a sign of how Neal Huntington plans to build a bullpen, not just now but for the foreseeable future?

Huntington's bullpen strategy this off-season upset a lot of people at first when Jesse Chavez and Matt Capps were traded away, but with Lopez signed, Carrasco in the mix, Dotel likely to join, a third mystery reliever on the horizon, and some interesting NRIs being added to Meek, Hanrahan, and McCutchen/Hart, things are suddenly shaping up nicely.

One important thing to remember is that if any of...

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