Buford, GA, 25-APRIL-2013 - Buford Pain & Rehab and the Buford chiropractor team of Dr. Ross Carter, DC and Dr. Michael Schulman, D. C., are pleased to announce that they offer safe and natural solutions for the pain of migraine headaches. For the many victims of migraines, there is perhaps no more debilitating experience. Often, the symptoms require withdrawal from light, activity, sound and social interaction. Finding solutions that will reduce or eliminate the frequency and severity of this pain is possible by using chiropractic techniques.

Speaking in a recent interview, the Buford chiropractor explained, "If you are one of the 50 million Americans that suffer from migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, or other types of head or neck pain, I have some news that can change your life. We now have a revolutionary long term solution to your migraines or headaches that offers fast relief, is painless, safe, and non-invasive. This is not an injection, surgery, or pill. The procedure is called a SPG Block. It involves a special FDA approved device that desensitizes the group of nerves believed to trigger migraines and headaches."

"It can" he explained, "in most situations, completely eliminate a migraine episode in under 2 minutes. The procedure only takes a few minutes to do, and is easy, painless, safe, and offers fast results."

When used against migraine headache pain, the procedure is safe, uses no pills, is non-invasive, provides fast relief, is painless and is life changing . Further, the patient typically obtains relief in less than two minutes

Learn more about the SPG Block procedure and how it is utilized against migraine headache pain by visiting the web pages at http://www.bufordpainandrehab.com today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the content of this press release are encouraged to contact the doctors at the location described below.

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