Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bryce Harper is playing tonight. Whoop-dee-freakin'-doo. The rookie's hype is equal to LeBron James of the NBA when he made his debut. So how will Harper fare against the consistently inconsistent Chad Billingsley tonight?

Not so hot, I'm guessing. Why? Glad you asked!

Harper is a unique talent, there's no doubt. He was hitting homers over 500 feet in high school with ease, and has all the tools in the world to be the next great star in baseball. 

But, he does have a terrible attitude problem and an awful God complex, according to people who have scouted him. That never works out well.

Luckily, we don't have to worry about any of that nonsense. We just need to worry about tonight. In one game. Against Bills. 

Now, last time Billingsley took the mound, he was absolutely rocked by the lowly Houston Astros. Am I going to take that into account? Barely. Because the whole team had punched their ticket for the flight home about an hour before the first pitch in that game.

Instead, let's look at the first two starts Billingsley had this season. In a word, they were brilliant. Especially his first game of the 2012 season. 

That being said, Billingsley does have a tendency to hang breaking balls and blow fastballs by hitters. I don't think Harper will be able to touch the off-speed stuff, but if Bills puts one in his wheelhouse, he may have the unfortunate distinction of allowing the first home run of a soon-to-be legendary career.

Honestly, I don't think Harper will do much of anything tonight. Or in this series. Or even in this first call-up. I think he'll struggle mightily, and be sent back down before getting called up for good in July. 

My prediction for tonight is 0-for-4, two strike outs, a fly out and a ground out to first base. Long live the Dodgers!

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