By:Kyle Caso (@KyleCaso_22)

You would think a team with six all stars and two future hall of famers would be almost unstoppable.

Well you're wrong.

As the Nets write there second chapter in the Brooklyn era, they will and have faced many obstacles such as time, losing and even lack of intensity.

The Nets have started the season 2-4 with losses to teams like the Cavs, Wizards and Magic. Although they did have a quality win against the defending champion of the league in the Miami Heat, which the Nets played with "a high level of intensity", that would prove to be a problem in a few of there losses.

The Nets showed little to no effort and fight outside of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in their loss to the Magic. Also they were uncommitted defensively against the Wizards, Magic and even the Pacers.

Also the lack of chemistry has shown. Early on in the season, Deron Williams seemed a little out of sink with his new teammates, also Kevin Garnett hasn't yet found his role in the offense, only averaging 6 points a game. Also there's a lack of toughness on the boards. Kevin Garnett is leading the team in rebounds with only 6.7 a game. And at last, Jason Kidd was unable to coach the first two games of the season due to his suspension.

This is very common with teams who have put together teams with key players coming. Just look at the Heat, who started the 2010-11 season 9-7. I expect the Nets to improve their record to .500 really soon, considering Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd all have low tolerances for losing.