Last year the Ottawa Senators were forced to trade away one of their top 3 players in Dany Heatley. Quickly the fans began pointing their fingers at Dany Heatley and the had every right to, Heatley, Their top sniper and 2 time 50 goal scorer wanted out because he didn't want to play on the second line. The team were able to actually get a solid return(Despite the Jonathan Cheechoo situation).

Now a year later Sens fans like myself are forced to watch Brian Murray showing his cards again, but this time he wasn't forced. In fact he just threw it out to the media that Jason Spezza wouldn't object to a trade. In my personal opinion it sounds like Brian Murray wants to lower Spezza's trade value knowing he wouldn't mind leaving, leaving other teams knowing they could possibly acquire Spezza for a lower price than they would offer after July 1st when Jason Spezza's no-trade clause kicks in.

To say this was an outright mistake would be an understatement he is the most valuable commodity on the entire team and while I'd personally hate to see him go, if you want to trade him don't tell other teams he wants out. You would think Brian Murray would learn that publicizing trade requests doesn't increase player value it does quite the opposite.

Still Jason Spezza still has a huge contract similar to Dany Heatley's, It was already a hard bargain for Brian Murray but it doesn't condone him announcing to the world that this guy is for sale and in case you didn't know he's all for it.