In case you haven't heard Butler heavyweight Brian Minto, and trainer Tom Yankello, are in London getting ready to compete in the Prizerfighter UK vs USA International Heavyweight tournament.

If you are unfamiliar with Prizefighter it is a one night tournament with the winner taking home a cash prize. The fights take place over three rounds.

Minto is the favorite just ahead of living legend and three weight champion James Toney.

The theme for this Prizefighter is UK vs USA and the quarterfinal pairings were announced:

Quarter-final 1: Larry Olubamiwo (18st 3oz) vs. Jason Gavern (17st 1lb 10oz)
Quarter-final 2: Matt Legg (16st 6lbs 13oz) vs. James Toney (15st 7lbs 10oz)
Quarter-final 3: Michael Sprott (17st 8lbs) vs. Damien Wills (18st 13lbs)
Quarter-final 4: Tom Little (17st 6lbs) vs. Brian Minto (15st 9lbs 9oz)

Minto faces the least experienced fighter in Tom Little (3-1 0 KO). Little is coming off of a loss to busted prospect Tom Dallas.

Minto was preparing for a 10 round fight against recent title challenger Francesco Pianeta. The interview was provided by Matchroom Boxing and goes over a plethora of subjects such as Minto's favorite moments in his career, where he worked before boxing full time, and how he ended up in boxing among other things.

It was definitely a interview worth watching. The Prizefighter tournament will take place tomorrow in London.