The end of an era has come to a screeching halt…Derek Jeter has announced his retirement from Major League Baseball following the 2014 season.

The Core 4 will soon be called the Core Zero and a new era will begin. No more Jeter. No more Posada. No more Pettitte and no more Rivera.

Derek Jeter epitomizes what an athlete should be. Dedicated, hardworking and has respect for everyone around him.

ESPN broke the story after Jeter posted a statement on his Facebook page.

Jeters’ legacy speaks for itself. The flip against Oakland, the dive into the stands, Mr. November, hit number 3,000 in dramatic fashion, his patent jump and throw, his leadoff homerun against the Mets in the World Series among so much more. In his twenty year career he has shown nothing but class and respect to the team and his teammates.

Derek Jeter will undoubtedly be a first ballot Hall of Famer and without a doubt will have his number 2 retired in Monument Park. 

It is without question that there will be a retirement tour like Mariano Rivera had and if there isn’t then baseball hasn’t been watching for the last twenty years.

I remember going to a Yankees-Athletics game with my dad at the old Yankee Stadium and the Yankees were losing 4-2 until Knoblauch and Jeter hit back to back homeruns to tie the game. That was my first ever Yankees game I went to.

To see such a storied era for the Yankees come to an end is very sad.

However, now looking forward to the future, what do the Yankees do? Do they go in house and use someone from the farm system to take over or do they go out and sign Stephen Drew? Do they go out and make a trade? Only time will tell.

Like the wise always say all good things must come to an end.