Brandon Jennings took the courtSaturday night looking like Simon Phoenixfrom Demolition Man, and not only went for 25 and the win, but he also felt it necessary to go 'goosey' -as evidenced below at the 29 second mark.


Now, for me, if you're gonna try toshow theCavs up with a dose of their ownshimmy's and shenanigans, you should probably do it when LeBron James isn't in street clothes. That said,even without LBJ active, there's no way this could have gone over wellin the Cavaliers locker room.Especially notif you're Mo Williams.Mo looked like someone shot his dog last night in the post game interview, and maybe its more like someone shot his 'goose.'He did nothing to slowJennings -the guy who's subsequently replaced him in Milwaukee - all night, and he...

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