According to wikipedia, the phrase "born again" may refer to any of the following:
  • Born again (Christianity)
  • Born again (Randy Newman album)
  • Born again (Black Sabbath album)
  • Born again (The Notorious B.I.G. album)
  • Born again (a 1994 episode of the X-Files)
  • Or possibly even Björn Again, the ABBA tribute band
What wikipedia remorsefully neglected is Mets fans around the world logging onto their favorite Mets blogs and shouting out "BOURN AGAIN!?" Yes, another day...another Michael Bourn rumor. Pitchers and catchers report in six days, but one of the best center fielders of 2012 remains a free agent while the Mets outfield remains a mystery and a burden. David Wright talked to the New York Post yesterday and discussed his recent communications with Bourn, where he attempted to convince the outfielder to consider coming to Flushing. Kevin Kernan of the Post obtained the following text messages sent from Wright to Bourn: "yo Mike just let them defer your salary a few years...they'll give you whatever contract you want...Fred's outta here by 2014 anyway bro!" and "hey boo...whatchu doin tonight? wanna skype?" Sandy Alderson and the Mets are still waiting until there is a deal agreed upon (unless another team signs Bourn first) before attempting to solidify the team's first round draft pick and complete the signing.Tuesday question: if the 11th pick in the draft is protected, what is the maximum deal you, as Sandy Alderson, offer to Michael Bourn?