The good people at Gray& Company Publisherswere nice enough to send me a review copy of the latest bookby Terry Pluto and Brian Windhorst: LeBron James; The Making of an MVP. I read it, enjoyed it, andmy thoughts onthe bookare below.But in addition to that, and more importantly,they have also sent me three giveawaycontest copies...which could be yours.Details on how you canwinone of those copies are below as well.

Book Review:

If you call yourself a Cavaliers fan, than a book you should have read by now is the firstoffering by Pluto and Windy -The Franchise. If you still haven't read that one,than shame on you, go buy it, and root for theGrizzlies until you've finishedreading cover-to-cover. But if you have read the Franchise, first know thatthere are still things that are...

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