As I mentioned on Monday, the good folks at Gray& Company Publishers have hooked me up with threefree giveaway copiesof the latest book byTerry Pluto and Brian Windhorst,LeBron James; The Making of theMVP.In addition to my review of the book, I announced the contest details here.As stated, the contestcloses onSunday February 28th, so if you'd like to submit your blog entry feel free to do so. But doknow what your up against. While I did receive a number of entries to date, the current leader board is as no particular order:

My name is Shaqtimus Prime, King James Gospel -Cody:

"Since coming to Cleveland, Shaquille O’Neal has accepted an obviously lesser role than he has in previous stages in his career...Though his role, as well as his minutes, has drastically decreased...

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