When I was a 7 year old, I would often go to my Grandma's house and play what used to be the "cool thing" back then: a Playstation.

I would often stay up at late as midnight (yes that's very late for a 7 year old) and play college football.

And I was in love with playing all the college football games.

In love.

Winning a national championship in those games were like getting an amazing video game.

My favorite team to play with was Miami. For some reason I loved playing with them.

I like their uniforms, I liked their field, and their rankings were high (you know all the things little kids care about).

Then, for some stupid reason I put Boise State on my schedule, and I scheduled the game at Boise State.

I went into the game not knowing a single thing about them, and I saw blue turf, and I turned to my grandma and said, "Look, their is blue grass. How do you make blue grass?"

From that moment on, I jumped on the Boise State bandwagon. It was no other reason than that they had a cool looking field, and I fell in love with them.

Now, eight years later--as a loyal Illinois fan--I still love Boise State, even when it seems as if the rest of the country hates them.

Last season, they went undefeated and were denied access to the National Championship game.

They went onto play TCU in some BCS game, but that's not what mattered.

I wanted them to play in the National Championship. There is nothing else I wanted. Nothing else.

This season, they came in ranked in the Top 5 of about every poll, and the chances of them making it to the National Championship seemed possible.

Their first test was Virginia Tech.

It was a long, difficult game that looked as if the Broncos might not come out on top, but in the end, Kellen Moore led Boise State to victory.

........this article will be finished later.