If you haven't been to NBA Base Lineyet today, what's wrong with you? The Mid-March Bloguin MVP and ROY Rankings are currently up,andthat's right, you guessed it...you know who is currently ranked 8th:Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz.

Or maybe that's not what you guessed. But if what you did guess was that LeBron was number one in another MVP power ranking, stop patting yourself on the back. The only thing remotely surprising about that is the fact that the league officedid not choose to save on postage and send this year's trophy out in the same package they shipped his last player of the month award. I'd say its his trophy to win, if not for the fact that he's alreadywon it. As far as the current leaders to win silver and bronze however, my votes were as follows:

1. LeBron2. Durant...

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