{jcomments on}A popular way of comparing two similar things is known as "the blind resume". It is especially helpful when trying to view items "in a vacuum" so to speak. It strips any potential bias and favoritism away, because being blind, one cannot know which item is which.

Observe the tables below:

Pitcher AIPK%BB%K/BBFIPtRAWAR2008208.219.1%5.5%3.513.804.003.52009181.118.2%5.6%3.293.763.903.02010211.223.1%6.6%3.513.273.374.72011139.015.7%5.6%2.823.443.102.5Pitcher BIPK%BB%K/BBFIPtRAWAR2008183.115.0%5.4%2.763.593.753.62009117.117.9%5.0%1.843.583.502.12010196.119.6%5.9%

For all intents and purposes, both seem to be nearly dead even. Both pitchers happen to be free agents this off-season.  Both are also right handed. Neither allows many...

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