Roberto Duran Interview!

By Scoop Malinowski

This man needs so introduction. He is one of the greatest fighters in ring history - a four-time world champ in four weight classes, and one of the most beloved champions of all time.

It was a surprise to see Roberto Duran in Atlantic City for fightweek of Don King's super event. Here is my interview with Roberto Duran:

Q - Please give the boxing world an update on Roberto Duran?

Duran: "I live in Panama City and right now i'm promoting fights in Panama. And I'm promoting my own salsa band (Arenablanca)."

Q - What brings you here to Atlantic City?

Duran: I love boxing? And my son is working on TV doing translating."

Q - Which boxers of today do you like to watch?

Duran: "All of them. I love boxing and for me all of them are good."

Q - Who do you see becoming the next dominant heavyweight champion if Lennox Lewis retires?

Duran: Mike Tyson again can be the best heavyweight."

Q - What do you like about Ricardo Mayorga who many say he reminds of you?

Duran: "I like the courage. He's a guy that goes on it. He doesn't care whether you're punching him or not. He just goes at it."

Q - Do you see a little of yourself in Ricardo Mayorga?

Duran: "No. Just courage."


Q - Please give your comments on Bernard Hopkins?

Duran: "He's a good boxer. And he's strong. He can take a punch."

Q - What do you see in Oscar De La Hoya?

Duran: "He's a good boxer. And very smart around the ring. Very smart."

Q - Roy Jones?

Duran: "He fought only guys he knew he would beat."

Q - Impressed by the Klitschko brothers?

Duran: "Not impressed at all, no. I don't see much."

Q - What do you see in Lennox Lewis?

Duran: "Lennox Lewis has been very lucky because I don't consider him as a punch taker. He hasn't fought a smart boxer."

Q - What fights were you at your best?

Duran: "Two fights. Buchanan and Barkley. (Vs. Buchanan)...I wanted to be world champion. (Vs. Barkley - at age 37)...Everybody thought that I was no good. That I was already done."

Q - Hardest punchers you faced?

Duran: "Hearns and Barkley. And DeJesus."

Q - Toughest opponents?

Duran: "Barkley, Hagler and Leonard."

Q - What was your greatest boxing moment?

Duran: "When I fought Ernest Marcel in Panama City. He was a good fighter and it was a big win. That's the fight that opened the door to the championship. And of course my first world title (won from Ken Buchanan at Madison Square Garden in 1972)."

Q - Most painful moment?

Duran: "The second fight with Ray Leonard in New Orleans. I had so many problems and quit that fight."

Q - And last question, any funny memory you have? Anything when you look back it makes you laugh?

Duran: "After I won the Lightweight title from Ken Buchanan, I wanted to eat every kind of ice cream, every flavor, every color. And after that I did champagne. And after that I had diarrhea. I went to the bathroom a hundred times that night [laughter]."