For the first time in NHL history, the commemorative championship video will be released exclusively as a virtual download rather than a physical DVD. The downloadable video was released Monday.

Blackhawks fans can relive every major moment of the 2013 NHL playoffs and regular season from the Hawks' perspective. The downloadable content can be purchased on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Sony Video Unlimited. The videos are set as a "season" on these platforms with six total videos.

The "season" consists of the actual 78-minute recap of the season, "Best of Player Wireless" videos ranging from each round of the playoffs, an "Extended On-Ice Celebration" video and ends with "Extended Locker Room Celebration" after the team captures the Cup.

It is worth noting that everything aside from the recap video is free. The recap video is approximately $7 for non-HD version and around $10 for HD.