David Ortiz is trying to be patient with his right Achilles tendon injury, but knows it’s isn’t easy. He is still getting sore after he cools off from running drills, and he still can’t go full throttle on a daily basis. Ortiz had hoped to do extensive running drills like he did on Monday, but the designated hitter instead was reduced to a lighter day on Thursday like the one he had on Tuesday… And this came after a scheduled day off on Wednesday.

As of yet, Ortiz has not given up on his goal to play on Opening Day. At the same time, he knows that he needs to have progress soon if that’s going to stay realistic. The problem with an Achilles injury is that it’s all but pointless to make a timetable for recovery. We can only hope for the best, but it would be better to see Papi at his best starting in Mid-April, rather than at 70% on Opening Day.