“Bernie vs Reims“

As the playoffs are closing in upon us it is clear you the out right starting goaltender is for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and that is 25 year old Jonathan Bernier. Acquired during the offseason from the LA Kings, the trade was a surprise to many fans when an alert popped up on their phones saying "Jonathan Bernier is now a Toronto Maple Leaf, but more of a surprise to the Leafs starting goalie from the year before, 25 year old James Reimer. Without any thought Reimer thought it was joke and didn't believe that it was the right move. Reimer was right with his thinking because the move eventually drove him out of the starting job in Toronto and giving him a locked in ticket for backup contention in the Center of the Hockey universe, Toronto. 

This whole experience hasn't been one when you just sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the ride for Bernier. It has been a battle for Bernier to achieve the starting job in T.O, but something he's happy to have. He was traded to Toronto because he was stuck behind a world class goalie in LA and believed he's a top goalie in the NHL and guess what, he has done exactly as he has said. 

Reimer on the other is on the last year of his contract and by the looks of it, wont be resigning with Leafs. He believes he's a starting goalie and by the looks of it is one of the best goalies not starting in the NHL. But its hard to prove that you're a starting goalie in the NHL when the team you are paid to stop pucks for doesn't have any confidence in you. If you look at Reimers numbers this year it will show that the team has no confidence in him and the past couple of games have proved it. 

Will Bernier be starting as playoffs come upon us?, yes of course he will be. Reimer's years will the Leafs are over and this is the era of Jonathan Bernier in Toronto. Time will tell if this was the right decision by management and coaching for the Leafs, but right now Jonathan Bernier is the man stopping pucks for the Toronto Maple Leafs.