a drama" has never thought drive descend order for leave, some doubt of he hurriedly asks a way:

"You didn't tell a councilman, am I an AC Milan?I think should "Zhu Qiu still want to explain what, however drive madder at the side of body the madder interrupt.

"Servant, this is my name card, bother you to run again personalized nfl jerseys cheap a ."

The servant had some to interrogatively once connect the name card of madder madder, didn't think more and again went in to report.In less than a minute, the servant that report back didn't wait Zhu Qiu's inquiry, directly the openings says:

"Is two, the host have NFL Jerseys already pleased."

Although the result that can be received is very satisfied, can make Zhu Qiu depressed BE, in this"councilman"'s eyes, madder madder this secretary incredibly than he this owner's face is still big, this call what matter?He even doubts the councilman about 50 years old who will visit, is been like by the beauty head of madder madder name card draw on.

"Like, is here, 2 just come in."The servant took 2 people to host in the house hospital of before the nfl wholesale jerseys building, the order directly goes in all right.

These are a several long set ofs, most the room of inside spread Zao miscellaneous voice, the more near voice leaving is more clear, that is the crazy roar that mixed up various effect, a kind of the voice that Zhu Qiu acquaints with.


Get NFL Jerseys into and shockedly discover inside Zhu Qiu of, this Mr. councilman is so-called of busy of the "work" is the game that watches a champion cup Milan a lord a field the Sa Er Ci fortress to!No wonder that must the "favour" not want to appear in public, if the words like this completely can comprehend.

"Sum, this, inside " Zhu Qiu thinks and sinks to immerse host within ball game a dozen the voice receives, however he sees a madder madder the Shu wear index finger to signal hint the signal that he silences, coulded not help canceling break to see the mind of ball atmosphere.He sought a position to sit down with madder madder darling and"accompany"ed host to see ball together.

This game is the head field that young Anne slices Luo Di to in hour of danger accept order behind to compete, at that moment half time the 10th minutes, horse can*west receive Ni to beat in him this game of the second enter ball, ball team with 3:0 leading after, having been standing Anne of the present side conductor game is fat to finally grow comfortable tone.

The condition that the general situation has been already settled didn't also let the someone of seeing the ball stop rant:

"Like, past!Divide a side!Bastard, the Pa Nu is strange you don't know to descend bottom?Protect Luo, break down for me!Is beautiful, counter-attack!Quickly, quickly, good kind of the west receive Ni and shoot ball at goal!"

"GOOOOOOOOOOL!!"Stage for game wound to stops repair, horse can*west receive Ni again enter one ball, completed a hat-trick , Milan at saint west Luo lord field 5:0 great victory champion cup group match opponent Sa Er Ci fortresses!

That temporarily engraves, the Zhu Qiu and fan councilman sent out into the acclaim of ball at the same time and enjoyed the shot palm reading of the excitement of 2 people of a football dinner to celebrate, and football became the human life language that goes through most in that a moment.

"Oh, is a madder madder ah, nfl authentic jerseys is your grandpa's his recent health condition in old man's house good?You are a method to compare Ao*shell Lu Si Ke Ni?It is said that you just became the green Xun supervisor of Milan and congratulated what matter did you seek me to have?"See the purpose that the councilman who finish the ball finally thought of to ask Zhu Qiu.

The "Ji second uncle Ni, the method compares Ao, he thinks " councilman interrupted "rob to answer" of madder madder, "you make him say."

Madder madder tactfully shut last mouth, in fact she prepares of the speak is also the result that discusses together with Zhu Qiu, she is full of confidence to football.

Zhu Qiu lowered some of the volumes of television and formally said:

"Please allow me to also be like the madder madder form of address like that are you good, Ji second uncle Ni time so late, I make a long story short, I hope to i