The use of plastic library cards in institutions and by individuals comes with numerous benefits. Some of them include efficiency in controlling access to and disbursement of resources like videos, books and other learning materials. The card has unlimited potential and is user friendly. This efficiency is felt in the management of the operations of the library.

Flexibility of plastics allows incorporation of a many features on the face and within the card as is desirable for the institution. A single card could contain logos, student signatures, institution colors and other unique features. The same card can be used to access other services like health, food and be used for identification. This means a reduction in documents and central management of student data.

The nature of the plastics allows molding to any shape or size. Using the standard shape allows it to fit in any wallet and be conveniently produced whenever a user needs services. Standard shapes like that of a credit or debit card makes it portable. It is safely tucked in the wallet and can be produced on demand.

The cards are able to contain a lot of information on the face and within. The presence of a name, picture, expiry date and identification numbers makes it easy to use. Such a card if lost can easily be traced to the institution and eventually to the owner. The holder replaces it when it is nearing expiry since the details are available on the face.

Operational information is incorporated as codes within the card. Incorporation of this technology makes management of access, borrowing and return of books and other resources easier. A bar code instantly produces all information required about borrowing history for the client. These details can point at the trend, dates and specific resources issued. It also will indicate whether set limits have been reached or not.

Plastic material is durable and comfortable when slipped into the wallet. The card is not affected by weather or easily damaged when it falls in water. Information carried within is not easily compromised by defacing or scratching. The features of the card are controlled by the management of the institution. This means better security and resource handling. Replacements are only done after years and are not necessarily physical.

This technology is better for some institutions compared to biometric system of access. Biometric system requires installation of sophisticate hardware and software which is expensive and delicate as well. A card will physically identify an individual using a photograph. Access will be managed in the absence of electricity and can therefore fit remote areas. Access and issuance are not disrupted by electricity interruption.

Plastic library cards offer flexibility in design and better security. The design for children is friendly without compromising on its effectiveness. The fact that it contains specific details for the user ensures that only an authorized person can use it. The personnel manning the point of entry or issue can compare images and details provided to verify authenticity. The cards are affordable to make and durable as well. They offer value for money to the institution and convenience to users.

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