Saturday night Strikeforce began their Heavyweight Grand Prix. Fans who actually watched it saw Andrei Arlovski lose to Sergei Kharitonov by knockout in one quarterfinal match. The fight showed me that Arlovski is way past his days as a UFC Champion. He is simply washed up and needs to hang it up.

The reason why most people watched this pay per view was however the other quarterfinal match up. Fedor Emelianenko vs Antonio Silva. Silva was a 5 1/2-1 underdog in this fight. I personally thought Fedor would destroy him. I am not a fan of Fedor though. I think he is one of the most over rated fighters in MMA. He supported my theory Saturday. Fedor entered the fight at 230 pounds while Silva was at 264. It is believed that Silva was around 285 by the time the fight happened.

I found the announcers to be very Pro-Fedor. They went as far to call Fedor the greatest heavyweight in the last decade. The announcers even gave the first round to Fedor. I did not see him winning the round. It was close but Silva controlled the round. The second round there was however no doubt whats so ever. Silva used hammer fists to rain terror down on Fedor's face. Yet more Pro-Fedor actions took place. The fight should have never made it through the second round. The referee chose not to stop the fight despite Fedor being pounded from mount and guard. After the round the doctor stopped the fight since Fedor could not see out his right eye. Then by no surprise the fans booed. Their great Fedor was beaten yet again.

This fight proved to me that the bigger heavyweights can manhandle Fedor. That means a fight against Cain Velasquez, Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir, or Shane Carwin could end the same way as this one did. Now Strikeforce wants to use Fedor as an alternate in the Grand Prix. If someone gets hurts or maybe Overeem doesn't fight which is not a far stretch to happen. My words of wisdom to Scott Coker and Strikeforce are this. Quit beating a dead horse. You so desperately want your investment in Fedor to work out. Well it failed and your Busch League promotion isn't a competitor to the UFC. Just like Fedor an alternate.