Scorching sun, outdoor sports, or when driving, cheap oakley sunglasses are not also become your essential goods? Today to tell you a sunglasses-wearing tips, the drivers can pay attention to this issue. Do not wear too deep color sunglasses while driving, especially in the underground parking garage into the tunnel or dark, must pay attention to this issue. Sunglasses optional side
Sunny weather, especially at noon outside the tunnel light shading very different, suddenly entering the tunnel, there will be a temporary blindness, like drill into the terrifying "black hole". In science, when from daylight into the dark, illegible surrounding objects, then gradually see dark objects, the dark light sensitivity gradually increase, and ultimately achieve the best state, this visual phenomenon called "dark adaptation. " And in just a few seconds, it could lead to tragedy.
Out of the tunnel, the light suddenly becomes stronger, make eyes light adaptation, for about two seconds before gradually adapt to this bright environment. Therefore, it is recommended to open near light ahead, into the tunnel, out of the tunnel when you can blink an eye a couple of times, the course does not affect driving, to ensure the safety of the premise, wear dark cheap oakleys glasses out of the tunnel before.
According to the relevant inspection data. When the car at speeds of 80 kilometers per hour forward, wearing sunglasses too deep color driver reaction time on the road can be extended 100 milliseconds, thus increasing the braking distance of 2.2 meters, so the drivers are sunglasses color should not be too deep. In addition, drivers often drive with sunglasses should not wear frames too heavy, too heavy sunglasses will cause motorists face swollen, paralysis. Summer driving sweat easily, sunglasses easily slipped down the bridge of the nose on both sides, attention dispersion car.
To better protect your driving safety, sustained attention to the discount oakley sunglasses worn tips.