How will the Championship weekend effect for the BCS ChampionshipAfter a crazy week in college football we have finally reached the championship weekend, and a lot could still shake up the BCS rankings. So let’s start at the top and work through possible scenarios.

ACC Championship Game: If Florida State wins, they will earn their spot in the BCS Championship plain and simple, and out of all the top teams they have the easiest matchup this weekend playing against a surprising Duke team. With the legal troubles behind Jameis Winston (at least temporarily) Florida State should be in top form and will be looking to prove that they deserve to keep that number one ranking.  Although Duke has had one of their best football seasons in recent history, FSU is too strong this year, but crazier things have happened.

Big Ten Championship Game: Much like Florida State, if Ohio State is able to win they will most likely earn their spot in the BCS Championship game; however their matchup is more difficult. Ohio State will have to beat a tough Michigan State team who has gotten by on a fairly easy schedule, but will be looking to take the surprise upset and be crowned Big Ten champions. It is always an intriguing matchup when one of the top offenses (Ohio State is 3rd in scoring) takes on one of the top defenses (Michigan State is 3rd in points against) but expect Ohio State to win and face off against Florida State in the championship game.

SEC Championship Game: This matchup is one that nobody really expected to happen. Alabama figured to be a lock to play in this game but after a crazy ending in the Iron Bowl, Auburn will be taking their place. Out of all the games this championship weekend this one will certainly be the most anticipated. The number three team faces off against the number five team, and it is a game up for grabs. Both the Auburn Tigers and the Missouri Tigers have had great seasons and deserve to be in this game, but there is perhaps more pressure on Auburn. Many people will be looking for Auburn to win and hopefully earn a spot in the BCS Championship game where they will try and continue the SEC dominance. This is the one game where an upset is most possible, and I predict that Missouri will win the game, and if either Florida State or Ohio State loses, things will get very interesting.

Alabama: So where does all of this lead for Alabama? As of right now they will be headed to a good bowl game, but will end their championship run. However with a few key losses, they could very easily end up in the BCS Championship yet again. Let’s look at the scenarios. One: in unlikely circumstances both Florida State and Ohio State lose, but Auburn wins which would lead to a rematch of the Iron Bowl, and who wouldn’t be excited to watch that? Two: Florida State wins but Ohio State and Auburn lose. This would lead to a large debate on if Missouri or Alabama is more deserving of going to the championship and Alabama might get the edge. Three: Ohio State wins but Florida State and Auburn lose. This would result in the same thing as the previous scenario. Finally the last scenario is that Florida State, Ohio State and Auburn all lose. In this scenario there is no clear answer on who should go to the championship, and we are all left wishing that the playoff system started this season. There may be plenty of scenarios in place for Alabama to get a shot at the championship, but at this point it seems like they will be on the outside looking in.