North York, Canada, 19-MAR-2013 - Bayview Village Wellness Centre, North York acupuncturist facility, is pleased to announce that solutions for pain of many types are available by using the techniques of acupuncture. The ancient Chinese methods known as acupuncture are tested and found helpful in many conditions, but perhaps they are most commonly used in pain relief.

Patients who seek help from a qualified and experienced acupuncturist find help. Many types of pain are found, and levels are different in each patient. It is the job of the professional to determine precisely where the techniques of acupuncture should be applied for a specific patient.

Acupuncture is defined as the insertion of hair-thin needles into precise locations at varying depths through the outer layer of the skin. The needles are stainless steel and are intended to re-balance the flow of energy or "Qi" throughout the body. There are 18 meridians in the body. The places where these meridians intersect governs the location where the needles are placed. The process is virtually painless.

Speaking recently about the process, a spokesperson explained, "Some of the conditions that respond well to acupuncture include neck, back and shoulder pain, migraines and headaches, sinus and allergies, and arthritis and sciatica. Other patients have reported relief of coughs and asthmatic conditions, digestive problems, menopause, dizziness, tinnitus, shingles, psoriasis, acne and eczema, and overweight. Side effects of medical therapies such as chemo and radiation can be alleviated by using acupuncture."

Learn more about how the North York acupuncturist can provide pain relief and alleviation of other conditions by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have queries regarding the information in press release are encouraged to contact the Centre at the location provided below.

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