hink that old Ma Er Di Ni nfl wholesale jerseys may be more suitable candidate, old comrade horse is at is divide time to lack Shu, his old man's house is leading now does the Italian youth brigade advertise for to fight European the youth football championship, even if the winter Xie period becomes number of Milan and be occupied in front-line brigade business when the time comes of he, estimate to make him divide attention "care" Pierre Luo again, also have some to encourage be difficult for it.

Actually, Zhu Qiu and madder madder the viewpoint is consistent in having at 1:00, be be like a Pierre Luo genius player like this, and not too need to look for person teach he how to kick ball, the key looks for person to dig out his leader qualities further according to his characteristics.

Center of sphere in have a little get excited, but his emotion up have no flurried, he and the madder madder considered so to discuss along while, in addition to think of to temporarily still borrow not ascend dint of old Ma Er Di Ni is really a nothing important result.Zhu Qiu who is good at summary realizes right away that oneself may be that the way of thinking is wrong.

If NFL Jerseys change descend way of thinking?The target is development since Pierre Luo's leader qualities, so such of what kind of condition does the person need?Zhu Qiu thoughted of two basic necessary conditions.First, that person has to have the career NFL Jerseys to exercise over football, it two, that person has to have leader qualities.These 2s lack a can not.

"H'm, if the words that calculate so, seem candidate like this' pouring not necessarily must was a coach to be from.See to start the target range that oneself settles too small, completely limit son at the coach turn.If is such "

Exchanged with madder madder his/her own heart in after thinking, Zhu Qiu starts to be in mind sieving thoughting of one by one of candidate, after synthesizing to consider some other factors, he targeted the target of "famous master" at one among those Human bodies up

The text chapter 044 night words in Rome

"Madder madder, we want personalized nfl jerseys to arrive to Rome before tonight!"

"Go to Rome?Now?"

Rome of the night is as as different as chalk and cheese as that in daytime, the building of each period of Renaissance, reflect to shoot in the night lights under, have poetic charm more, Rome in night no longer the majesty is solemn and peaceful, she is full, heavy, exceedingly fascinating and charming

Zhu Qiu's Ferrari stops before leaning on a private house hospital.Zhu Qiu originally intends to arrive an old shell first that"borrow" for a night, tomorrow in early morning visit the host of house hospital again.However the madder madder suggests that the opportunity that he visits to probably meet in the evening is larger.Although Zhu Qiu feels that visiting in the evening is a bit presumptuous, however slightly doing is hesitant of he finally still kept listenning to the suggestion of madder madder.

What to receive Zhu Qiu is the servant of this private house hospital.

"How are you, servant, Mr. councilman at?"

"You is ?"The servant grade isn't big.

"Oh, I am a method to compare Ao*shell Lu Si Ke Ni, I have a very important affair to want to pay a courtesy call on Mr. councilman."Zhu Qiu in brief spoke his purpose.

"Execuse me, what is up tomorrow say again, Mr. councilman is very busy now."

"Oh?Councilman so late still is working?"Zhu Qiu can not help feeling some oddness.

"Sum, my meaning custom nfl jerseys BE, so late now, all not that suitable no matter it is public affairs or private affairses, what is up tomorrow say again."If the servant seemed to feel what should not say and hurriedly explained some kind of.

"So, bother you to help me to report a , say that the method of AC Milan compares Ao*shell Lu Si Ke Ni plea for interview."Zhu Qiu plused before own identity own club ownership.

"So?Is all right, you slightly etc., I report to."Approved the servant of Zhu Qiu's identity, promised Zhu Qiu's claim.

After several minutes, was finally full of expectant Zhu Qiu etc. to came into the servant that reports host.

"Is a method to compare Ao*shell Lu Si Ke, Mr. Ni, , ashamed, Mr. councilman doesn't want to see you, you please back."

Originally think that Zhu Qiu of"have