I'm not saying the Nationals aren't for real. But, below are some of the worst teams in recent history that had a .500 record or better in April.2009 Pittsburgh Pirates: 11-10 April record; 62-99 overall2009 Kansas City Royals: 12-10 April record; 65-97 overall2006 Chicago Cubs: 13-10 April record; 66-96 overall2002 San Diego Padres: 14-12 April record; 66-96 overall2001 Cincinnati Reds: 14-10 April record; 66-96 overall2000 Montreal Expos: 14-9 April record; 67-95 overall1999 Chicago Cubs: 10-10 April record; 67-95 overall1997 Oakland A's: 13-13 April record; 65-97 overall1996 Philadelphia Phillies: 13-11 April record; 67-95 overall

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