Avry vs Mike Week 2 

Alright! It's time for another week of picks! Let's recap last week's picks first as Mike got the win in Week 1 on the tiebreaker. 

Edmonton def Toronto 19-15 (Both had Toronto) 

Calgary beats Montreal 38-10 (Both had Montreal) 

Riders beat Hamilton 43-16 (Both had Hamilton) 

BC beats Winnipeg 33-16 (both had BC) 

Tiebreaker: Over/Under will Steven Jyles throw more than 250 yards vs Toronto? 



Jyles, threw for 233 yards. Mike takes week 1. 

Record going into Week 2

Mike: 2-3

Avry: 1-4 

So let's head into Week 2 shall we? 


Winnipeg at Montreal-Montreal 

Hamilton at BC-BC 

Calgary at Toronto-Toronto 

Edmonton at Saskatchewan-Edmonton 


Winnipeg at Montreal-Montreal

Hamilton at BC-Hamilton 

Edmonton at Saskatchewan-Saskatchewan 

Calgary at Toronto-Calgary