Atlanta GA, 11-Feb-2013 - Spa Sentiments is pleased to report the development of an all new, all natural eczema cream to be used as a treatment for the symptoms of eczema. Eczema is characterized by dry, itchy, inflamed skin. It is not contagious. It has been linked to certain types of allergies, though no exact cause has been named. It can attack any person, male or female, at any time in life, though children younger than five years are the most common sufferers.

In adults, the condition often leads to unsightly scaling of the skin. The itch can become unbearable while scratching will only worsen the appearance of the affected skin. While there is no known cure for this condition, Spa Sentiments Eczema cream contains a lineup of all natural ingredients designed to stop the itch and nourish the skin to promote healthier appearance. It can eliminate the appearance of eczema until another breakout occurs.

Spa Sentiments also offers a list of things a person can do to lessen the number and severity of breakouts on their website. In addition, the company offers an effective anti cellulite cream. For more information about this revolutionary eczema cream and how it can help reduce the symptoms of an outbreak, interested persons are encouraged to visit the web pages at To learn more about the anti cellulite cream, visit Members of the press and/or other interested parties may obtain additional information by contacting:

Spa Sentiments

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