According to Ultimate Astros blog:

Astros eye bat but don’t fit with Mets on Ike Davis

 The Astros and Mets weren’t a fit when it came to Ike Davis trade discussions, a baseball source told the Chronicle on Wednesday.


Honestly when I read their name yesterday I had a hard time finding a fit as well.  That being said it certainly appears that reports are correct and the Mets will indeed ship Ike out of town.  Considering his whiny comments to Blow Hard Award Winner: WFAN’s Mike Francesa basically implying that he wanted out at the All-Star Break last year believing that the fans and the team had given up on him.  What a whiny brat.  He and Duda can both be shipped off to Houston where no one gives a damn.  Sorry, things like that get me going.  On with the Hot Stove. 

The hot term in the Hot Stove is the Red Sox model, as we all knew it would be.  Bloggers and reporters are trying to push the Mets into that category as well.  Wright when asked about the Red Sox model and if it would be a fit for the Mets. 

"Let me preface this by saying that this is my opinion, and not anything that Sandy has told me, or anything that Sandy and I have talked about," Wright told Newsday. "It seemed like it worked for Boston last year. If you can get three or four -- maybe not those marquee free agents -- but three or four guys that are very good, solid, players I think it helps us fill more holes. And ultimately we become a better team because of it."

Now that doesn't really imply that Wright wants the Mets to follow some magical Red Sox formula, only stating the obvious.  The Mets have 3-4 significant holes that signing just about anyone would be an improvement.  He isn't saying that if the Mets go out and spend 50M they will win a WS.  One thing that is missed about the Red Sox model is the core they already had is much greater than the current Mets core.   The second thing missed is although they didn't get top name FA they still spent 50-60M in AAV which I don't see the Mets in a position to do. 

Thus forget the Red Sox model and follow the Mets model that we all heard when this group arrived.  "Moneyball With Money".  So far in terms of the MLB roster we haven't seen either.