Consumers are increasingly aware of how what they buy affects the world around them and manufacturers are trying to cash in on this trend. There are many companies that produce real alternatives, but there are also some that just use the buzzwords without being able to prove their claims. This can be a problem in the market for organic skin care products especially, so it's not always an easy task choosing the right product.

Organically grown crops are ones grown without the use of any chemicals like artificial fertilizers or pesticides. This is different from modern large-scale commercial farming, where farmers routinely use these chemicals to increase crop yields. The use of chemicals in the agricultural industry causes incredible environmental damage.

If you are concerned about how what you buy will affect the environment, it's a good idea to switch to organically grown produce. This goes for what's in your cosmetics too. Another positive of this type of agricultural production is that it requires more labor, so it can potentially create additional jobs in communities where unemployment may be an issue otherwise.

Of course, just because the label on the container says that the product you're using has been organically produced, it doesn't mean it's necessarily true. In addition, it doesn't mean that the product is necessarily good for you or won't have a negative impact on the environment. It may in fact contain added chemicals that can do more harm than good.

One of the most harmful ingredients found in skin care products is mineral oil. This is a petroleum byproduct that is produced when turning crude oil into gasoline. The oil and petroleum industry has a notoriously bad environmental record, which makes it reason enough to avoid mineral oil if you have environmental concerns. Many experts are now warning too that mineral oil is actually bad for your skin and can cause cancer.

Parabens are another potentially harmful ingredient found in most cosmetics. They are added to fight bacterial growth, so that the product will last longer. However, they simulate the action of estrogen in the body, causing hormonal imbalances. Many experts warn that this may increase the risk of cancers like breast cancer and that if parabens get into waterways and aquatic systems, they can affect fish, frogs and other creatures too.

The best way to choose a product that says it contains ingredients that were organically grown is to check the list of other ingredients too. A seal of approval from the USDA is usually a good sign. This is because unlike many other certifying organizations, the USDA has very strict regulations for labeling something organic. There are even different types of wording that manufacturers may use, depending on the percentage of organic ingredients.

Especially if your skin is sensitive, remember too that even natural and organically grown ingredients can cause allergic reactions and rashes. Always first test whatever you're using, whether it's mainstream cosmetics or organic skin care products. If you can, buy a sample size initially so that you're sure that the product is going to work for you.

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