Photo credit: AP Photo - Mark J. Terrill

POST-GAME ANALYSIS -- It seems as if the Bruins live and die with Reeves Nelson (above, center). He missed the previous four games and UCLA went 1-3. He returned today and led the Bruins to a relatively easy six-point victory while outplaying Williams, the Freshman of the Year. Williams needed 15 shots to score 14 points. He also had seven rebounds. Meanwhile Nelson finished with 19 points and 11 rebounds, both game-highs.

The Bruins got a big lift from seniors Michael Roll and Nikola Dragovic, who each scored 18 points. Not sure if UCLA can go on a three-game win streak and win the conference tourney title, but it looked very solid today.

STATS --- Click here.

IT'S OVER --- UCLA 75-69.

WILLIAMS THREE-POINTER? --- Can't believe coach Sean Miller...

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