There comes a time when a player and their team just need to go in opposite directions. In a landscape with free agency and a desire for instant results, fans can turn on a player almost instantly once that success begins to end. Matt Schaub is learning that lesson right now.

Perhaps more than any other player, including Josh Freeman, Schaub is in need of a change of scenery. His struggles this season have been well documented, with interceptions returned for touchdowns in four consecutive games. It could have been even worse – Schaub was intercepted at Houston’s 14 yard line on the first pass he threw of the season.

As the Houston Texans have struggled to a 2-3 record, and three consecutive losses, at the start of the season, much of the blame has been placed upon Schaub. Local eateries are offering the ‘Schaub Burger’ where one can ‘pick six toppings’. Fans have allegedly appeared at Schaub’s house, taking pictures of the grounds in an incident that has sparked an investigation by NFL Security.

The situation in Houston may already be reaching a breaking point. T.J. Yates, who actually led the Texans to their first playoff victory, is waiting in the wings and finished out the game Monday night for Houston. Meanwhile coach Gary Kubiak has not exactly giving Schaub a ringing endorsement, stating that while Schaub remains the starter, staying with him was a “tough decision.”

Given the possible depth at quarterback that the Texans have with Yates and rookie Case Keenum, it may be that they could look to move Schaub to a team with possible quarterback issues. Considering the interest that Freeman drew upon being released, there are at least ten teams that appear to be unhappy with their quarterback situation. Even though Schaub has had his struggles this season, he would still likely be an upgrade over several starters in the league.