Jason Garrett, coming off of an 8-8 season took to an interview to discuss the current state of the team, and who is to blame for the consecutive 8-8 seasons. Many find it easy to blame Tony Romo for the lack of success the Dallas Cowboys have put forth, not having won their division since 2009.

Garrett says that the blame should be distributed evenly among the whole team. Blame should not put on just one player. However, the quarterback of a team is usually considered to be the individual who carries the team on his shoulders, it is a team effort and every player on every team has their down games.

Garrett went on to say during the interview, “That’s what we are and that’s the reality of this league. You are what you are.” What Garrett is saying is that the Cowboys have been an 8-8 team for the past two seasons, which translates to being a mediocre team.

There is no way to sugar coat it. Garrett did not however, blame himself either for the Cowboys recent struggles. So who is to blame?

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