Carpet cleaners can remove stains, dirt, grit and allergens from carpets in the home or business location. They will use either traditional or modern methods, depending on the most suitable. Clean carpets not only look better they are also better for health and longevity. Carpet cleaning company have produce new cleaning method over the past few decades and the realisation that clean carpets has emerged. Pasadna residents will find many excellent carpet cleaning companies in their city. Do a search online for carpet cleaning Pasadena.

Carpet cleaning chemical manufacturers have also began to incorporate green technology in their products. This had made the methods easier to use and are safer, they also lead to reduced re-soiling of carpets and take less time. In the USA carpet cleaning product manufacturers are regulated by The Clean Trust. The Clean Trust is a non profit organisation that sets standards in regards to the production of safe and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products.

There are two main ways to clean carpets. These are: hot water extraction and steam cleaning. The hot water extraction method sprays hot water onto the carpet, which will have added detergents. This is done at the same time as vacuuming the carpet. Steam cleaning is similar but uses steam instead of hot water. Carpet makers actually recommends hot water extraction over steam cleaning as steam cleaning can damage the fibre in the carpet making it wear our faster.

Hot water extraction uses the minimum amount of detergents and often does not require any at all. This makes this approach cheaper, greener and safer. This approach also will help the carpet last longer. Households with children should consider this method for the cleaning of carpets as it is possible to clean without using any potentially harmful chemicals at all.

The disadvantage of hot water extraction method is the high level of humidity they cause, so it is better done is well ventilated rooms. Humidity can cause mold to grow and buildings can be damaged due to this. This method is also not as affective at cleaning badly soiled carpets as steam cleaning.

There is a variety of different types of equipment that is used for the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning companies use the more expensive equipment. This equipment may be powered by a mains supply, although many use a truck outside. Often a hose is used to extract the dirty water from the carpet that goes into the truck to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

The deep steam cleaning approach uses chemicals and steam that saturate the carpet for at least 24 hours. The steam is sprayed at high pressure on the carpet as the soiled water is extracted, rotary brushes help shift the dirt from the carpet. This approach works well for heavily soiled carpets where hot water extraction would not be enough. Unfortunately this can damage carpet fibres and chemicals have to be used, this may also mean that the house may be unsafe until the carpet dries.

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