Apopka, FL, 28-FEB-2013 - Altamonte Health and Wellness and Dr. Kenneth Ross, Apopka FL chiropractor, are pleased to announce that chiropractic care solutions are available through the practice. These techniques include spinal manipulation, as well as other methods that are applied to patients in pain. Chiropractic care is natural and gentle. There are no drugs offered or recommended. No invasive techniques are applied.

Relieving spinal pain is an important part of what chiropractors do. Traditional spinal manipulation is the technique that most people picture when they think of chiropractors. This is just one of the methods that chiropractic doctors use. This technique relies on precisely controlled sharp thrusts to the correct location on the spine. The purpose is to realign the spinal vertebrae in the correct relationship with each other.

Because there are known links from the spinal column directly, or indirectly to all other parts of the body, many of the therapeutic techniques involve the spine. In addition to manual thrusts, the chiropractor might make use of one or more of the technological advances that make use of equipment to provide therapeutic benefits. Specially equipped tables that perform gentle decompression according to a computerized program is another method. This is particularly effective when there is an issue with a compressed spine.

Another part of chiropractic care is based on encouraging the body's ability to heal itself. Massage or heat and cold therapy are just two of the ways in which the circulatory system is improved. When there is proper blood flow to damaged areas, the nutritional components that serve as cellular building blocks and the circulatory system carries away the dead cellular material and the toxins that occur during injury to an area.

The educational components of Apopka FL chiropractor care are important as well. Many, if not most chiropractors make themselves available to the community as educators. The doctors share information about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, weight management, exercise and posture to various groups.

Learn more about how chiropractics offers care and techniques by visiting the homepages at http://drkross.com today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions regarding the information in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Ross at the location described below.

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