Mission Viejo CA, 04-FEB-2013 - Angel's El Toro Transmission is pleased to announce that its brand of knowledgeable and guaranteed service is available in Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Irvine, San Clemente and other communities throughout Orange County. Over three dozen brands are serviced with a two-year, 24,000 mile warranty on most vehicles at Mission Viejo transmission repair services.

A spokesperson for the Mission Viejo transmission repair company was interviewed recently, "Angel's El Toro Transmission is Orange County's number one transmission repair and service facility. How did we get there? With top quality work and a no-pressure approach to selling. We educate you on your car's specific problems, give you your options and permit you to make the best choice for your needs."

He continues, "Transmission problems are quite intimidating to most vehicle owners. Not only are they expensive, but it's not unusual for the labor to end up being done more than once. Cars, as well as transmissions, have become highly technical. It is critical to ensure that you are working with a shop that is constantly training and following the latest information."

With a total of 11 lifts, the facility can service many cars within a short time period. Vehicle owners can make an appointment for even more efficient service. The diagnosis is free, whether the transmission is manual or automatic. The firm provides up to 25 miles of towing with no charges. For a transmission overhaul, drivers are able to use a free rental car. Vehicles are picked up and delivered, if preferred, also at no charge to the customer.

Learn more about the top quality transmission service and the opportunity to get a free transmission service by clicking on the home page links at http://www.angelstransmissions.com/ today. Members of the press and others who want to learn more about the facilities and other details contained within this press release are invited to contact Angel's El Toro Transmission staff at the address given below.

Company Name: Angel's El Toro Transmission

Address: 23255 Madero Suite #B-101, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Contact Telephone Number: (949) 587-9060

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.angelstransmissions.com/