Who would’ve thought the Chiefs would be here considering how they ended last season? No one did. I’m pretty sure Andy Reid didn’t imagine having this type of success in his first year with the Chiefs. It’s undeniable; Andy Reid is doing brilliant things on the field as a head coach.

            After being promoted from starting clipboard holder to the position he was drafted for, Alex Smith has been great as the Chiefs’ quarterback. Being outshined and in the shadows of Collin Kaepernick last season must’ve been tough. Leaving the 49ers was probably a tough decision to make but it’s good to see Alex Smith back on the field doing what he does best.

            So far, Alex Smith is pushing 2,000 passing yards this season and may even break his record of 3,144 yards that he set in 2011, when he was playing for San Francisco. His passing game has also improved from what it was. Many critics questioned his adjustment to the AFC from the NFC and it’s plain to see that he’s adjusted quite well; this isn’t baseball.

            This perfect record is most definitely the envy of the NFL. To see the Chiefs turned it around this year compared to last year, with the help of a few new faces, the people that love it right now are the fans. Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs have fans in case you didn’t know.

            Andy Reid has been great as head coach. He had a disappointing season while he was coaching the Eagles but this season, he has made a comeback. All those negative headlines have now turned into positive ones. Thanks to him, this organization has changed completely. The man is capable of taking this team to a Super Bowl and dare I say it, a Super Bowl win.

            Notably, their defensive line has been way better than their offensive line. There has been trouble in the pass protection department. Their wide receivers are doing so well. Dwayne Bowe isn’t looking like the man who signed that long-term contract though. The defensive line is where it’s at now. Tyson Jackson and Mike DeVito are solid tanks and know how to stop the other team from running the ball.

            The Chiefs are on a bye week this Sunday and the Broncos come back from their bye week. But Sunday night’s November 17th game, will be one to watch because it’ll be the Broncos versus the Chiefs. It will be the AFC game of the season to watch.